How to share an assessment URL?

You can send an assessment to clients so they can complete the questionnaire remotely on their own device (e.g. phone or laptop). You can either email the assessment from within NovoPsych or share an assessment URL with a client, sending it to them via video conference chat, SMS or your own email address. To do this all you need to do is get NovoPsych to generate a unique URL, copy it to your clipboard and paste it in whatever messaging service you want to use. 

See the steps below:

1. Once you’ve logged into NovoPsych press Email Assessment from the home screen.

2. Select a Client
3. Choose the assessment(s) you would like to send
4. Press Copy URL

5. The link to the assessment will in your computers clipboard and ready for you to paste into an email or messaging service (e.g. Skype, Zoom, an SMS provider or your own email). The unique URL will look something like the below, and when pressed will take the client directly to the assessment(s) you want them to complete: Here

6. Once the client has completed the assessment you will see the results under Recent Activity on the home screen on NovoPsych.  The results are not available to the client directly, but if they’ve completed it while in a video session with you it can be a good idea to share your screen to provide them with feedback.

To send an assessment via email, please follow the guide here.