Queue multiple assessment with test batteries

Sometimes clinicians have the same set of multiple questionnaires that they routinely administer. To streamline this process we created the Batteries feature so that you can save a list of assessments within your account.  For example, a user might choose to create an “Intake assessment” battery or a battery for “discharge” See the below steps for how to setup and save a battery, and how to administer to a client.

1. Go to Assessments
2. Select Batteries
3. Click on + Create Assessment Battery

4. Fill in ‘Battery Name’ and ‘Description’ and click on  Select Assessment

5. Select your assessments and click Save

6. Your New Battery will now show up on your list of batteries

Once the battery is saved you can administer it by navigating to  Assessment –> Batteries and then choosing from Administer (to administer in person via a computer or tablet), Email (to send an email or generate an assessment URL), or Schedule

If you are part of a practice and have multiple practitioners connected to your NovoPsych account, batteries can be shared within the practice. Any battery created by an Account Manager or Supervisor will be visible to all users. Batteries created by practitioners will only be visible to Account Managers and Supervisors, but not other practitioners within the practice.