Administer Psychological Questionnaires

Track Outcomes, Inform Treatment

For Mental Health Services, Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Counsellors

Step 1
Clinician selects an assessment from NovoPsych’s library

Step 2
Client takes assessment via iPad or their own smartphone

Step 3
Results are instantly scored and interpreted

Step 4
Clinician uses scores to track symptoms and provide feedback

Track SYMPTOMS over time

NovoPsych’s test-delivery system graphs symptoms over time so you can get a clear historical picture of your client’s progress. Show your clients the progress they’ve made with easy to read graphs. NovoPsych automatically calculates percentile ranks to give you a clear indication of your client’s symptoms and how they compare to normative samples.  

PSYCHOMETRIC assessments

We deliver tests with proven psychometric properties and clinical utility. We provide details on the data by which norming and other metrics are based, and provide the resources for clinicians to appropriately interpret the results. We have over 50 assessments useful in mental health settings, including  for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD and much more.

ClinicaL Dashboard

NovoPsych Insights is your data dashboard to aggregate routine outcome data, analyse trends and compute metrics . NovoPsych Insights helps high performing practices create one click reports to:

  • Summarise Treatment Effectiveness 
  • Identify Clinical Trends 
  • Create Practice-Based Evidence to Communicate your Outcomes
  • Understand Treatment Journey
  • Support Feedback Informed Clinical Governance

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Psychometric assessments

Access to over 100 scientifically validated assessments to track treatment progress, case conceptualisation or diagnosis.


Email assessments to clients so they can complete at home on their computer or smartphone.

Instant scoring

Automatically scores scales for fast feedback. No need for practitioners to learn how to score each assessment, as it's done for you.


For assessments designed for tracking treatment progress over time, NovoPsych provides a simple to read graph showing change in symptoms.

Schedule assessments

Setup regular schedules for assessments to be sent to clients weekly, monthly or post discharge.


Scores presented with normative and clinical percentiles, allowing for meaningful interpretation of results against comparison groups.

QR Code Assessment

Clients scan QR code to access assessments on their phone.

Secure encryption

Protecting your data and client privacy is central to everything we do.

iPad and Tablets

NovoPsych data syncs across multiple devices so you can administer via the iPad app, tablet or PC.

What are Psychologists saying about NovoPsych?

Choose from administering assessment in your office or scheduling regular assessments via email. The routine monitoring helps your client’s keep on track and reduce relapse.