NovoPsych helps eating disorder services use psychological assessments to enable better patient outcomes

Software for administering psychological questionnaires. Accurately diagnose, tailor treatment plans and monitor progress

Join leading institutions using NovoPsych to improve client outcomes

Enhancing Assessment and Diagnosis of Eating Disorders

Use NovoPsych’s substantial library of standardised psychometric assessments to support accurate diagnosis and gauge symptom severity.

Get access to over one hundred tests to develop strong case formulations for complex patients. Understand in detail the psychological, behavioural and emotional aspects of your patient’s difficulties.

Build motivation by providing an engaging assessment and feedback experience. Track and show your patients the progress they’ve made with NovoPsych’s easy-to-read graphs.

How do Eating Disorder Services use NovoPsych?

Monitor outcomes: Easily schedule regular email assessments and post-discharge assessments to reduce relapse rates and support sustained recovery.

Identify risk: Effectively identify early those patients who are at-risk or require more intensive treatment support.

Treatment selection: Use data insights to monitor the progress of patients and allocate resources efficiently. Ensure evidence-backed decision-making about the level of support required and guide transitions between outpatient and inpatient services.

Enhance communication: Use NovoPsych’s easy-to-understand reports to support communication and multidisciplinary collaboration among your treatment team.

Identify and target patients’ needs: Use NovoPsych’s data Insights features to develop group therapy programs to target the needs of your current cohort and evaluate their effectiveness.

Clinical Software That Makes Practice Better

Psychometric assessments

Access to over 100 scientifically validated assessments to track treatment progress, case conceptualisation or diagnosis.

Instant scoring

Scales are automatically scored for you, for fast feedback and time savings. No need to learn how to score each assessment.

Instant reports

Save time and ensure the accuracy of your clinical record-taking and reporting with interpretative reports, provided immediately upon completion of the assessment.


For assessments designed for tracking treatment progress over time, NovoPsych provides a simple-to-read graph showing changes in symptoms.

Schedule assessments

Set up regular schedules for assessments to be emailed to clients weekly, monthly or post-discharge. NovoPsych automates the process so that you don’t need to remember to.


Scores presented with normative and clinical percentiles, allowing for meaningful interpretation of results against comparison groups.

Easy to administer

Clients can either receive a link to complete the assessment at home, scan a QR code to access assessments on their phone, or complete it in-session on any device.

Data privacy

Secure platform for data protection. Rest assured that your data privacy is our priority.


Engaging assessment and feedback experience. Enhance motivation, the therapeutic alliance and treatment outcomes.

Unlocking Mental Health Insights: Advanced Monitoring for Eating Disorder Services

Team leaders and decision-makers use NovoPsych to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, enabling efficient allocation of resources.

Experience the future of mental health monitoring with Insights. Our powerful platform effortlessly transforms psychometric assessment data into intuitive visualisations, enabling users to identify issues and track progress with ease.

With highly customisable filtering options, Insights adapts to your specific needs, providing a comprehensive overview of patients’ mental well-being.

Revolutionise your approach to treatment with Insights – the ultimate solution for data-driven decision-making and targeted interventions.

What current NovoPsych users have to say

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"NovoPsych is the best purchase I made for my newly established complex mental health / psychosocial disability practice."
Kate Roberts
Essential Care Sunraysia, Mildura, VIC