Send Assessments to a Group – Bulk Email

Emailing assessments to multiple clients can be helpful when wanting to conduct measurements at a group level. You can set up an assessment to be sent to a group of clients, which can be especially useful in contexts such as group therapy, workplaces, researchers, schools, and other educational environments. For example, periodically assessing a cohort of students for screening purposes each term can be achieved in a few clicks. Group assessments also enable a simple means to conduct mental health check-ins in a corporate environment. 

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Send Assessments to Multiple Clients at Once

On the Client tab, press ‘Client Groups’, and either ‘Allocate Clients to Group(s) or view an existing group. In the below case, a group called “Group A” has been selected. 

Once viewing the group, an ‘Email Group‘ button will appear. Once pressed, the system will check to see if all clients within that group have an allocated email. If they don’t have an email, you’ll be prompted to ‘Update Clients’. Note, that all clients, whether marked as ‘active’ or ‘inactive” will receive the email. 

Once you’ve checked that everyone in the group has an email, select the assessments or battery you’d like to email to your client group.

You can choose ‘Customise Email‘ to create a custom email to be sent to the group. Using the tags below you can auto-populate the email with relevant information for each client:

#clientfirstname #clientlastname 

You can also select an email template – ‘select template’See here for more information about email templates.

Press ‘Send‘. Within one or two minutes, each one of the clients in the group will receive an email requesting they complete the assessments.

Email a Group an Assessment Battery

A cohort of clients can also be sent a battery of assessments. To learn more about assessment batteries, see here.