Our Mission.

NovoPsych’s mission is to help mental health services use psychometric science to improve client outcomes.

NovoPsych is Australia’s largest provider of outcome monitoring software for psychologists and other mental health providers. We also operate in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. 

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Our History

NovoPsych was founded in 2012 to help mental health clinicians use the very best of psychometric science in clinical practice.  NovoPsych works with practitioners, private practices, government and non-government mental health services to implement industry leading measurement tools. NovoPsych uses scientifically validated psychometric scales focused on tracking symptoms over time, diagnosis and case formulation.

Driven by continued innovation and with an emphasis on psychometric science, NovoPsych integrates normative data for automated calculation of percentiles as well as machine learning to create novel decision support tools.

NovoPsych enables automated and remote symptom monitoring and evaluation of treatment efficacy post discharge. The platform allows clinicians to monitor outcomes of patients between visits or after treatment has stopped, and lays the groundwork for services to automate treatment program evaluations.

Today NovoPsych serves more than 11000 users. We work with individuals and organisations across the Asia Pacific and Europe to translate research into practice and create practice-based evidence from real world data.


Our Team

Dr Ben Buchanan

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr Ben Buchanan co-founded NovoPsych in 2012 to help mental health services use psychometric science to improve patient outcomes. He champions human centred software design, emphasising that NovoPsych’s central mission is to serve people – professionals and patients. In his lecturing at Monash University he grounds the next generation of psychologists in the scientist-practitioner model.   He is a Clinical Psychologist, researcher in the use of routine outcome monitoring and a leader in helping psychologists collect their own practice-based evidence.

“Clinicians are working hard everyday to improve the quality of life for their patients. My hope is that the tools NovoPsych create can help professionals in making a tangible difference for their clients”

Dr David Hegarty

Head of Psychometrics and Psychologist

Dr David Hegarty works to translate scientific literature into useful metrics for clinicians. With a PhD in computerised adaptive cognitive training he uses his deep understanding of statistics and data analytics to synthesise novel approaches to psychometric assessment.

“For me psychometrics is the perfect mix of rigorous science and psychological theory synthesised into measurement tools that are useful in the real world”