NovoPsych Insights

Where Data Impacts Outcomes

NovoPsych Insights helps mental health services analyse
and report on clinical outcomes

Treatment Outcomes

Our tools help practices monitor overall outcomes, and answer simple questions like “what proportion of our clients are having a positive experience”.  We make systematically evaluating therapeutic impact easy.

Clinical Governance

Develop your organisation’s culture of quality improvement, supports professional development, and aid in making informed decisions. All while enhancing your practice’s reputation.

Identify Clinical Trends

Insights helps you identify trends in client engagement and supports your understanding of what’s working. Identifying patterns is the first step in improving treatment effectiveness. 

Identify your Strengths

Analyse outcomes for clients with certain characteristics (e.g. age, diagnosis or treating practitioner). Learn your service’s areas of strengths and target areas for growth.

"It’s easy to provide high-quality supervision and make evidence based clinical decisions when our team's outcomes are right in front of us"
Dr Ben Buchanan
Psychologist, Clinic Owner & NovoPsych Co-founder

Evidence-Based Decisions

Caseload Severity: Quickly review caseload makeup and severity levels across the service.

Treatment Journey: Identify clients not showing expected progress, comparing to typical treatment lengths and outcomes.

Identify Risk: Understand a typical patient’s journey and identify clients who are deteriorating to prioritise clinical care.

Test hypotheses: Use assessment scores to see what really works, intervene early, and identify effective interventions.

Clinical Governance: Monitor workloads and manage caseloads to prevent burnout, and foster sustainable clinical practice

Effectiveness overview

Outcome Analysis: Create reports and produce authoritative summaries of treatment effectiveness.   

One Click Reports.  No need to use complicated statistics packages like SPSS, as NovoPsych Insights computes rigorous statistics with one click.

Treatment Impact: Gauge the effect size (Cohen’s d) of interventions and compare it to benchmarks.

Reliable Change Index: Evaluate genuine well-being improvements with statistical rigour. 

Practice-Based Evidence: Use your data to tell your service’s story, promote your outcomes using state-of-the-art reporting methods.

Data-Driven Marketing: Showcase your outcomes to referrers, funders and the public with NovoPsych Insights.

Case Study

Psychology Practice Uses Insights to Evaluation Treatment Effectiveness
and Client Satisfaction.

Clinical Governance

Engagement: Monitor client’s and practitioner’s engagement using routine outcome monitoring.  

Practice-Level Insights: View data at a whole practice level or drill down to individual practitioner’s caseloads..

Caseload Distribution: Monitor caseload severity to balance high-need clients among practitioners, ensuring well-being and preventing burnout.

Supportive Environment: Prioritise quality care, fair workload distribution, risk management, and a supportive practice setting.

Informed Decision Making: Foster evidence based decision making and well informed clinical governance.

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Activate your insights

Pro + Insights

For Advanced Practitioners
$ 60 Monthly, $720 paid annually
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Data Analytics - Insights
  • Caseload Summary Statistics
  • 300 Assessments Monthly
  • Unlimited Clients

Practice Plan + Insights

For Feedback Informed Practices
$ 200 Monthly, $2400 paid annually
  • Everything in Practice, plus:
  • Data Analytics - Insights
  • Outcome Reporting
  • Management Tools
  • Additional Users from $38 per month

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