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Routine Outcome Monitoring

NovoPsych graphs symptoms so clinicians can visually monitor symptoms changing from session to session.

Graph outcomes using the DASS-21 and dozens of other outcome monitoring tools.

Use of outcome measures can guide treatment decisions and help clients recognise their own improvements.

Provide referrers an objective representation of patient distress and provide personalised evidence of progress in treatment.

What current NovoPsych users have to say

Get access to over one hundred validated psychometric assessments.  Measure outcomes, assist with case conceptualisation and assist with diagnosis. 

NovoPsych instantly scores your assessments saving you precious time and gives you useful interpretations. 

Gain valuable feedback from clients about their experience. Using NovoPsych Insights helps practices monitor overall outcomes, and answer simple questions like “what proportion of our clients are having a positive experience”.  We make systematically evaluating therapeutic impact easy.

NovoPsych Includes Assessments For:

Identify Clinical Trends

Using NovoPsych Insights helps psychology practice identify trends in client engagement and supports your understanding of what’s working. Identifying patterns is the first step in improving treatment effectiveness.

Case Study

Foundation Psychology in Melbourne used Using NovoPsych Insights to produced practice-based evidence for use in data-driven marketing campaigns targeting referring GPs. As a result, they increased their incoming referrals by 20%. 

What current NovoPsych users have to say

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"NovoPsych is the best purchase I made for my newly established complex mental health / psychosocial disability practice."
Kate Roberts
Essential Care Sunraysia, Mildura, VIC
Psychological Assessment Co-Pilot