How to email an assessment

Assessments can be emailed instantly from your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) to the client’s own device so they can complete the assessment at home or in your waiting room.

There are several ways to email an assessment on NovoPsych, either via the Assessments or Clients tab, or the Home tab. This page will show you how you to send it via the Home tab.

1. From the homepage view, click on Email Assessment.

2. A list of your client’s names will be displayed. We’d suggest you practice on the Dummy Client which is dummy client that has already been setup. If you want to add a new client (1). Select your client (2).

3. A list of assessments will be shown.  Choose your Assessment(s)

4. (Optional Step) If you’d like to edit the email text that the client will be sent, press Customise Email. You’ll then be able to write in a personal message to the client.

5. Select Send at bottom right-hand corner.

6. If the client does not have an email address associated, a message will appear asking you to enter their email address (see below). 

7. An email will be sent to the client instantly from NovoPsych. They can then click the link in the email to complete the assessment on any device. 

8. Once they’ve completed the assessment the results will automatically appear in your NovoPsych account and viewable via the Recent Activity section on the Home tab. 

By default results are not available to the client on their device once they’ve completed the assessemnt. However if you would like a copy of the results emailed to your client once they’ve completed the assessemnt there is an option for that. You can press Make these results available to the client while setting up an email. 

Another option is to send an assessment link via your own personal email address or messaging service. See the page How to send an assessment URL for details.