Active and Inactive Clients

Over time your list of clients can become large, with many records in your client list who have finished their episode of care and have long since been discharged. 

You can mark clients as either Active or Inactive, which can be useful for a number of reasons:

  • It helps you keep your client list organised
  • Will alert you to clients that need following up
  • If performing data analysis you can choose to only analyse data for clients who are active, or those who have completed an episode of care (and therefore marked as inactive).
A Review Client Status button will appear alerting you to clients who have not been administered any assessment in the past six months, but are still marked as active.
You can View Suggestions to review the list of clients and manually mark them as inactive. Viewing suggestions can act as a prompt to follow up or close the patient’s file.
Alternatively you can Mark All As Inactive, which will mark clients who have not been administered an assessment in six month as inactive.  This is a good option to quickly organise your clients with a few clicks. You can always change their status to active later, or if you administer an assessment to an inactive client they’ll automatically be marked as active. 

Marking a client as inactive is totally reversible and is not the same as deleting a client. Neither marking clients as inactive or deleting them reduce your overall client count for billing purposes.