How to add a client?

Below are the details for how to add a new client. The limit of how many clients you can add will be dependent on your plan. To check your limit for how many clients you can add, please check your plan and our pricing page for information.

If you are looking to edit a client, please click here.

1. Go to Clients
2. Click on Add Clients

3. Fill in your client’s details. Note, First Name and Last Name are the only mandatory fields, so you can leave the rest blank if you prefer.
4. (Optional) Under Assign Client to you can decide who to assign your client to. This is only relevant for NovoPsych accounts with multiple practitioner accounts, and will allow those other practitioners to see the added client. 

5. Note: you can assign the client to more than one practitioner, click ok

6. Once done, you can now click on Add Client on the bottom right hand corner.