NovoPsych Helps School Counsellors Use Psychometric Science to Improve Student Outcomes.

Software for Administering Psychological Questionnaires.
Track wellbeing, Identify Struggling Students.

Psychometric Assessments

Monitor mental health in schools through our scientifically validated psychometric assessments. These assessments offer superior accuracy and a deep understanding of students’ mental well-being, enabling early identification of social, emotional and behavioural functioning.

Our assessments surpass simple mood checks. Equipped with robust psychometric integrity and actionable data, allowing psychologists and counsellors to make informed decisions and interventions.

Transform student support with our evidence-based, clinically proven assessments for enhanced mental health oversight.

Unlocking Mental Health Insights: Advanced Monitoring for Schools

Experience the future of mental health monitoring with Insights. Our powerful platform effortlessly transforms psychometric assessment data into intuitive visualisations, enabling users to identify issues and track progress with ease.

With highly customisable filtering options, Insights adapts to your specific needs, providing a comprehensive overview of students’ mental well-being.

Revolutionise your approach to student support with Insights – the ultimate solution for data-driven decision-making and targeted interventions.

School Counsellors, Psychologists, and Social Workers Utilise NovoPsych To:​

Conduct assessments on students they currently support, ensuring comprehensive care.

Annually evaluate cohort well-being, enabling proactive intervention strategies.

Identify at-risk students who might otherwise go unnoticed, preventing slips through the net.

Monitor student mental health using well-validated and accurate tools for informed decision-making.

Assess the effectiveness of group-based interventions, optimising student support strategies.

Evaluate the impact of curriculum-based educational programs, such as mindfulness initiatives, to enhance student well-being and academic performance.

NovoPsych Is Used in Hundreds of Schools

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"NovoPsych is the best purchase I made for my newly established complex mental health / psychosocial disability practice."
Kate Roberts
Essential Care Sunraysia, Mildura, VIC