Administer Questionnaires via Telehealth


Administer Questionnaires via Telehealth


Dear NovoPsych users,

Until recently the majority of NovoPsych users have chosen to administer questionnaires face-to-face in session via the iPad app, however increasingly more practices use NovoPsych’s web version to email assessments to their clients. Given the Covid-19 situation this feature has become an increasingly vital tool for many practitioners.

I’d like to show you how you can use NovoPsych via video-conference, without the need for an iPad.

Or even if you still have clients visiting your office, instead of passing the iPad to them (germs!), you can send the assessment to their phone.

With NovoPsych you can:

  • Share a secure link from NovoPsych with your client requesting they complete an assessment (for example-DASS-21 etc.) .
  • Copy an assessment URL so you can send an assessment link to your client via your own messaging system (for example, Skype, Zoom, SMS, or email).

How to send an assessment 

1. Login to the NovoPsych platform in your browser. Go to (note, these features are not available in the iPad app, just the internet browser version)

2. Press Email Assessment from the home screen
3. Select a client
4. Choose the assessments you would like to send
5. Press “Copy URL”. The link to the assessment will be ready for you to paste into an email or messaging service (e.g. Skype, Zoom, SMS).

6. (Optional). If you’d like NovoPsych to send the assessment on your behalf (from the secure NovoPsych email address), you can press “Administer”, which will generate an email with the assessment. You can press “Customise Email” to amend the generic email message. If you want NovoPsych to send an email for you, you’ll need to add their email address into NovoPsych (see below image).

Note, if you can’t see the “Copy URL” button please clear your browser’s cache to see NovoPsych’s latest update. 

With the more and more mental health consultations required to occur remotely in the current crisis, this feature helps you measure key outcomes for your patients regularly and consistently. I hope you and your client benefit from it.



Dr Ben Buchanan
BA (Hons), GradDipPsych, DPsych, MAPS
Co-founder & Director of NovoPsych Pty Ltd
Ben @
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