NovoPsych isn’t working or I can’t see past results

This problem could be password related. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials you may need to reset your password.

If the problem isn’t password related, read on. This page will help you resolve problems such as:

  • Seeing a white blank screen when trying to login
  • Not being able to see any of your past assessment results
  • NovoPsych being completely unresponsive
  • Being unable to add new clients

All the above problems may be related to your browser’s cache.

We’d recommend trying the following three solutions:

1. If you’re able to get into your NovoPsych account, press “Log out” on the top right, then logging back in.

2. If step 1 does not work or you can’t login to your account still, try logging in via a different web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer).

3. To permanently resolve the problem or if you want to continue to use a specific browser, you can clear the browser’s cache. Below are guides for how to clear your cache for major browsers:

Login to NovoPsych and then press the following buttons simultaneously. 

  • Chrome
    Windows: Control + Shift + Delete
     Command + Shift + Delete
    For further details about how to clear cache in Chrome, see here.

  • Edge
    Control + Shift + Delete
    Command + Shift + Delete
    For further details about how to clear cache in Edge, see here.

  • Safari
    Command + Option + E   and then refresh the site
    For further details about how to clear cache in Safari, see here.

For information about compatible browsers and devices, see here.

If the above steps still don’t work please contact us and we’ll work with you to resolve the problem!