How to merge two NovoPsych accounts?

We’ve found that some users accidently sign up to NovoPsych twice with two different email addresses and want to consolidate the two user accounts into one so that all the clients are in the one place. You’re in luck, you can do that with the following steps:

  1. Within the account that you would like to keep, go the the Account tab
  2. Go the Users, and press Add User
  3. At this point it may ask you to upgrade to a Practice Plan. You’ll need to temporary do this via the Plan section, and pay for one month of a Practice Plan.
  4. Once you’ve upgraded the the Practice Plan, navigate back to the Users section and press Add User again. You can now invite the second account to join your practice. 
  5. Check your mail of the second account and accept the invitation to join the practice.
  6. At this point all the clients from the second account have been transferred into the practice, and are now owned by the primary user. You can then delete the second user via the User section. All the clients from the second user will remain within the primary account after the secondary user has been deleted.
  7. If you don’t need the Practice Plan you can then downgrade to a more appropriate plan via the Plan section. Done!