Professional Development for Mental Health Clinicians:

Seeing the Bigger Picture.

Leveraging Outcome Data for Insightful Practice

This free recorded professional development  is ideal for clinicians wanting to systematically monitor patient progress, and use that data to enhance their reflective practice. Practice leaders wanting to create practice-based evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of their service will also benefit. 

In day to day clinical practice we rarely have the opportunity to step back and reflect on the overall impact of our therapeutic work. This webinar will help psychologists and mental health clinicians zoom out and learn how to use outcome data to gain additional insight into the profound impact of therapy. We will explore systematic methods to analyse data, quantify therapeutic change and engage in data-enhanced reflective practice. 

Webinar Recording Below


This webinar will introduce an automated solution for exploring outcome data, called NovoPsych Insights. 


Learning objectives:

  • Understand existing benchmarks for therapy success
  • Develop skills to evaluate your client group’s outcomes
  • Demonstrating how to answer simple questions, like “what proportion of my clients experience improvement”.
  • Become skilled in using data to tell your professional story: “Turning numbers into narratives”
  • Explore the use of aggregated data in reflective practice

Webinar Slides

Dr Ben Buchanan


Dr Ben Buchanan is the co-founder and CEO of NovoPsych, a clinical psychologist and researcher. With over a decade’s experience in the mental health sector, Ben has always been at the forefront of integrating technology and psychology.

Ben says: “Clinicians are working hard everyday to improve the quality of life for their patients. My hope is that the tools NovoPsych create can help professionals in making a tangible difference for their clients”

Dr David Hegarty

Dr David Hegarty works to translate scientific literature into useful metrics for clinicians. With a PhD in computerised adaptive cognitive training he uses his deep understanding of statistics and data analytics to synthesise novel approaches to psychometric assessment.

David says: “For me psychometrics is the perfect mix of rigorous science and psychological theory synthesised into measurement tools that are useful in the real world”