Outcome Analysis Training Group

This training course is designed for individual psychologists, private practice leaders or larger mental health services wanting to learn how to implement progress monitoring and self-evaluation. By the end of the course the 10 participants will have all the tools necessary to develop their own practice based evidence (see example below). We’ll meet on five occasions over two months, which will give you plenty of time to collect data and analyse your outcomes, and produce meaningful outcomes stats helpful for professional development, marketing or tendering purposes.

  • Starts 20th September 2021
  • Mondays 1pm to 2pm on Zoom
  • Cost is $600+GST, including 5 webinars, data analysis and personalised feedback.
  • Hosted by Dr Nathan Castle
  • Register below, max 10 spaced available (if no spaces are available you’ll be added to the waitlist). 

Dr Nathan Castle

As the Chief Science and Evaluation Officer Dr Nathan Castle supports professionals and services to implement data-driven practices via NovoPsych’s comprehensive digital platform. Dr Castle is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Routine Outcome Measurement, Evaluation and Deliberate Practice. He has experience leading a data-driven Private Practice in East Geelong that evaluates client outcomes and provides feedback in real time.

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Example of Practice Based Evidence

By the end of this group participants will have all the tools necessary to produce a personalised outcome poster, an example of which is below.  

Practice Based Evidence poster can be used for professional development, marketing to referrers or tendering purposes