NovoPsych Partners with ReadyMind

 NovoPsych, a global leader in online psychometric assessments, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ReadyMind, an innovative platform designed to support cosmetic practitioners in their screening efforts. This partnership will aim to specifically address the critical issue of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and align practitioners with the new cosmetic guidelines issued by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a mental health condition characterized by an individual’s obsessive idea that a part of their body is severely flawed, can lead to significant distress and functional impairment. It poses a particular concern in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. Through this partnership, NovoPsych and ReadyMind aim to empower cosmetic practitioners with the tools to identify and manage BDD effectively, in turn, reducing the risk of inappropriate treatment and enhancing patient outcomes.

Under the terms of the agreement, NovoPsych will assist ReadyMind with scientifically validated assessment BDD tools and supply software for their online platform. This unique collaboration leverages NovoPsych’s expertise in psychological testing and ReadyMind’s focus on the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, providing a robust, user-friendly solution for health practitioners to screen for Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

“NovoPsych is committed to transforming mental health care through evidence-based psychological assessments,” said Dr. Ben Buchanan, Director of NovoPsych. “Our partnership with ReadyMind reflects this commitment and will make a real difference in how cosmetic practitioners identify and approach BDD, ensuring a safer, healthier patient journey.”

“ReadyMind is proud to join forces with NovoPsych in this mission to raise awareness and compliance with the new AHPRA guidelines regarding BDD in the cosmetic industry,” added Dr Toni Pikoos, the co-founder of ReadyMind. “We are convinced that this partnership will contribute significantly to improving patient care, ensuring safer practice and promoting ethical standards in the industry.”

This partnership will roll out over the coming days, with ReadyMind integrating NovoPsych’s software for a seamless, practical approach to BDD screening. Both companies are eager to lead the way in enforcing these new standards and promoting the safety and well-being of individuals seeking cosmetic treatments.

About NovoPsych – 

NovoPsych is a leading digital platform for psychologists to conduct psychometric assessments. With an extensive range of validated psychometric tests, it supports professionals in making objective clinical decisions and monitoring treatment progress over time.

About ReadyMind – 

ReadyMind is a comprehensive platform designed to assist cosmetic practitioners in meeting compliance with industry guidelines, particularly around mental health screening. It is committed to supporting the industry in promoting safe practices in selected suitable patients for aesthetic treatments.