How to use Insights

NovoPsych Insights helps mental health services analyse and report on clinical outcomes.

We recommend watching the webinar recording below to gain a clear understanding of Insights’ capabilities. In this webinar, Dr David Hegarty will guide you through the key features of Insights.

Dr Ben Buchanan


Dr Ben Buchanan is the co-founder and CEO of NovoPsych, a clinical psychologist and researcher. With over a decade’s experience in the mental health sector, Ben has always been at the forefront of integrating technology and psychology.

Ben says: “Clinicians are working hard everyday to improve the quality of life for their patients. My hope is that the tools NovoPsych create can help professionals in making a tangible difference for their clients”

Dr David Hegarty

Dr David Hegarty works to translate scientific literature into useful metrics for clinicians. With a PhD in computerised adaptive cognitive training he uses his deep understanding of statistics and data analytics to synthesise novel approaches to psychometric assessment.

David says: “For me psychometrics is the perfect mix of rigorous science and psychological theory synthesised into measurement tools that are useful in the real world”