For North American users

Upgrade your NovoPsych account to BetterMind

Dear North American NovoPsych users,

We write to inform you that the NovoPsych app is transitioning to an upgraded platform called BetterMind by BetterWorld Healthcare, Inc. As a user of NovoPsych in North America you will be able to upgrade to the new BetterMind app for free for the next seven days. Your user account and existing client data can easily be migrated to the upgraded platform.
We thank you for being a NovoPsych user and strongly encourage you to migrate to BetterMind, which will have the following benefits:

  • BetterMind is an enhanced version of NovoPsych, helping you administer a wide range of psychometric tests via your iPad
  • BetterMind has added three more scales, totaling 43 at this time, and as part of the free migration to BetterMind you will enjoy use of the additional scales as well.
  • BetterMind will continue to be expanded, enhanced and fully supported.
  • You can download BetterMind for FREE (if you don’t download within 7 days of receiving this email the normal price is $29.99)

Please be aware that NovoPsych will not be providing technical support to North American users or providing app updates. As an example, the recent iOS 11 update was done for BetterMind but not done for NovoPsych in North America.  This means that the NovoPsych App will not be supported in North America and the App may eventually stop working.  As a result, you are strongly encouraged to transfer your account to BetterMind.

Once again, we thank you for being a NovoPsych user.  We are confident you will continue to enjoy the same benefits and more using the new BetterMind App.

For any enquires please email us at [email protected]

The NovoPsych Team