Webinar: Data Enhanced Supervision for Mental Health Clinicians

Supervision is a staple of professional development among psychologists and other mental health clinicians. Unfortunately, research indicates that standard supervision does not improve professional performance or client outcomes. 

This webinar recording, facilitated by psychologists Dr Nathan Castle and Dr Ben Buchanan, is designed for supervisors and supervisees . We explore a simple set of innovations that can improve the supervision experience for both parties.

Supervisors will learn:

  • How to enhance your existing supervision practices with measures of clinician characteristics and client outcomes
  • Why 97% of training practitioners report withholding information from their supervisors, and why that’s ok  (Ladany, Hill, Corbett & Nutt, 1996)
  • How to use the resources provided to pinpoint stuck points for professionals
  • Learn how to define measurable goals for effective collaboration

Practitioners considering receiving Data Enhanced Supervision will learn:

  • Three steps to get the most out of your supervision
  • Why typical supervision doesn’t improve client outcomes, and how data enhanced supervision is different
  • How data enhanced supervision can boost your professional confidence and contribute to your self care

Data Enhanced Supervision Worksheet for Supervisees

Download worksheet referenced in webinar