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NovoPsych is an Australian based psychometrics software company co-founded directed by Dr Ben Buchanan, a psychologist in Melbourne.

NovoPsych launched its app in 2012 to help psychologists administer psychometric instruments on an iPad. The NovoPsych app is a tool for mental health clinicians which includes dozens of scientifically validated psychometric scales focused on tracking symptoms over time, as well as scales for case conceptualisation and assessment.

Key innovations at launch were the use of cloud and tablet based software, integration of normative data for automated calculations of percentile ranks and the ability to graph symptoms over time.

In Q2 2018 version 2.0 of NovoPsych was launched, enabling automated and remote symptom monitoring and evaluation of treatment efficacy post discharge. The system allows clinicians to monitor outcomes of patients between visits or after treatment has stopped, and lays the groundwork for clinicians and services to automate treatment program evaluations.

Today NovoPsych has more than 6000 users, 3000 of whom are Australian, the majority of whom are Psychologists in private practice. We also work with larger organisation to implement custom outcome monitoring solutions.