Compassion Motivation and Action Scales – Self-Compassion (CMAS-self)

The Compassion Motivation and Action Scales (CMAS) encompass two dimensions assessing self-compassion (CMAS-self) and compassion to others (CMAS-other). This is the CMAS-self, which is an 18-item self-report measure designed to assess compassion for oneself (Steindl et al., 2021).

The CMAS-self has three subscales:

  1. self-compassion intention – measuring the intent to be compassionate towards oneself
  2. self-compassion distress tolerance – measuring the ability to tolerate distress by oneself when experiencing suffering
  3. self-compassionate action – measuring self-compassionate actions and behaviours



Steindl, S. R., Tellegen, C. L., Filus, A., Seppälä, E., Doty, J. R., & Kirby, J. N. (2021). The Compassion Motivation and Action Scales: a self-report measure of compassionate and self-compassionate behaviours. Australian Psychologist, 56(2), 93–110.